About TopDrops.org

TopDrops.org uses the top 1 million websites list supplied by Amazon's Alexa. It checks each site weekly to see if it runs Drupal and then lists the top Drupal websites ranked by their access statistics.

Highlight your site with DrupalPeople

Any website detected to run Drupal will also be checked for /drupalpeople and if that serves a comma separated list of Drupal UIDs, will highlight the Drupal People that were involved in the website. It will also highlight the site in the top list with a blue icon. Use the Drupal People module if you prefer not to serve /drupalpeople manually.

Once in a while, usually each week, the Drupal user pages for those people are also checked to get a username for the UID. If the user page lists a Drupal Association membership the icon for the top site and for the Drupal Person will be highlighted accordingly.

No /drupalpeople
Drupal People for the Website are Listed
Drupal Association Individual Membership
Drupal Association Organization Membership
Individual and Organization Membership

Since we cannot hit Drupal.org on potentially infrequently accessed and/or changing user profile pages on too regular a basis (this may generate undue load on D.o), if you have just updated your Drupal Association membership and want me to manually check your user profile to update TopDrops.org's awareness of your association membership, just drop me an e-mail (e-mail address below).

Find Your Website Rank

This box searches only the most recent list of top Drupal websites we have listed on TopDrops.org (remember, no www).

For your site's overall international or in-country rank, simply go to Alexa and search for your domain name (or just click here and replace burtronix.co.za with your domain name): http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/burtronix.co.za.

Per-Country Lists of Top Drupal Websites

TopDrops.org has an ancestor. We still serve a list of top Drupal websites for many countries based on access statistics of people in each country and limited by each country's country code top level domain on our older website. It may be updated in future with newer statistics; You never know when time and budget allows: Top Drupal Websites per Country.

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TopDrops.org is a labour of love / casual project by Riaan Burger... so don't take it too seriously ;-) Comments, discussion and suggestions are always welcome.


Drop12  psu.edu
Drop13  ed.gov
Drop14  edx.org
Drop18  ew.com
Drop23  unam.mx
Drop27  caf.fr
Drop36  ny.gov
Drop39  rae.es
Drop42  vix.com
Drop66  asu.edu
Drop86  fox.com
Drop110  cj.com
Drop112  mcgill.ca
Drop117  slate.fr
Drop118  pitt.edu
Drop119  usa.gov
Drop120  iwara.tv
Drop124  lesoir.be
Drop125  sld.cu
Drop126  umass.edu
Drop138  uiowa.edu
Drop141  sdna.gr
Drop145  tv2.dk
Drop147  nist.gov
Drop157  iprima.cz
Drop159  wa.gov.au
Drop160  aip.org
Drop161  tufts.edu
Drop162  feide.no
Drop165  unl.edu
Drop166  brown.edu
Drop167  sncf.com
Drop171  zynga.com
Drop172  forbes.ru
Drop174  nwu.ac.za
Drop175  nolo.com
Drop182  edf.fr
Drop183  ge.com
Drop185  mywot.com
Drop190  shape.com
Drop192  tn.gov.in
Drop193  gwu.edu
Drop206  sbis.ru
Drop208  kent.edu
Drop209  mta.info
Drop210  swtor.com
Drop218  hhs.gov
Drop220  pdx.edu
Drop231  km.ru
Drop233  ucsf.edu
Drop234  unt.edu
Drop240  smosh.com
Drop241  linux.com
Drop242  tuul.tv
Drop247  domru.ru
Drop248  ucas.com
Drop249  ftc.gov
Drop251  sia.eu
Drop253  udg.mx
Drop256  film.ru
Drop259  petmd.com
Drop263  ncaa.com
Drop264  sfsu.edu
Drop273  unipd.it
Drop286  bible.org
Drop288  difi.no
Drop290  auth.gr
Drop292  sba.gov
Drop297  visual.ly
Drop298  ivid.it
Drop300  planet.fr
Drop301  stuff.tv
Drop302  cvut.cz
Drop305  uny.ac.id
Drop314  slt.lk
Drop322  ufrj.br
Drop335  uncc.edu
Drop337  uanl.mx
Drop338  tomica.ru
Drop343  click.ro
Drop346  lu.se
Drop349  soccer.ru
Drop350  uvm.edu
Drop354  macg.co
Drop361  tri.co.id
Drop365  bt.gob.ve
Drop367  dol.gov
Drop368  wmich.edu
Drop370  cineca.it
Drop373  ajel.sa
Drop376  eff.org
Drop387  orcid.org
Drop389  uib.no
Drop391  poets.org
Drop396  hoerzu.de
Drop398  wgu.edu
Drop399  tvxs.gr
Drop401  fcc.gov
Drop402  uci.cu
Drop405  alphr.com
Drop407  divx.com
Drop411  libero.pe
Drop413  vecer.mk
Drop415  iowa.gov
Drop420  unlv.edu
Drop421  mris.com
Drop423  mygov.in
Drop424  vtm.be
Drop425  lotto.pl
Drop427  gol.mk
Drop432  csulb.edu
Drop438  uff.br
Drop445  mkd.mk
Drop451  cnr.it
Drop454  nysed.gov
Drop464  hrw.org
Drop473  unito.it
Drop474  unh.edu
Drop478  uni.edu
Drop482  wmj.ru
Drop488  cibil.com
Drop492  dc.gov
Drop493  efsyn.gr
Drop495  uu.nl
Drop497  usal.es
Drop498  lush.com